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Company Info
About HitExchange

HitExchange was launched in retaliation to the unfair practices of other banner exchanges, who exploit their members for financial gain.

We served our first banner on August 24, 1998, but the preparation began four months earlier. To date, we have poured countless hours in the design, programming, and refinement of this banner exchange. Our work and efforts converge on this one goal: to provide the most honest and fair banner exchange on the Internet.

Our Mission Statement

HitExchange is committed to member satisfaction. We place top priority in serving and assisting our members because our success depends on their success. With every new member, we move closer to an all-expansive banner exchange that links the world to your fingertips.

Staff Roster

Photo Album
Andy Lee ..... Webmaster, Programmer, Founder
Alexa Apallas ..... Membership Supervisor
Holly Brickley ..... Content Manager
Kenneth Frankel ..... Database Specialist
Flavia Berys ..... Executive Editor
Lo-An Le ..... Contributing Editor
Cathy McCall ..... Contributing Editor
Dan Candela ..... Contributing Programmer
Masami Teramoto ..... Web Consultant


April 1998 - Andy discovered the truth about banner exchanges.
June 18, 1998 - OpenDebate mentioned in the New York Times.
August 24, 1998 - Beta testing began.

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