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Banner Display Rules

You must follow these rules to display HitExchange banners at your site:

Rule # Description
Your Site URL page must display a HitExchange banner -OR- button. (Site URL is specified in your Profile.)   More Info
You may display only one HitExchange banner per page, and its HTML code must be unaltered as provided by us.   More Info
In most cases, the HitExchange banner must be entirely visible within the first 700x500 area of the page.   Exceptions
If you assign a Click-thru URL to your banner, then that page must display a HitExchange banner -OR- button.   More Info
All visitors to your site (not just the ones referred by us) must be able to see a HitExchange banner at your site.   Details

Which Banner Size to Display?

Larger banners tend to receive more click-thrus than smaller ones. Therefore we monitor the banners being displayed at your site and show your banners in the same size or smaller at other sites to guarantee fairness for all members.

Banners Displayed
at Your Site
We Will Show Your Banners of Size
400x40 400x50 468x60
400x40 Yes NO NO
400x50 Yes Yes NO
468x60 Yes Yes Yes

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